ModernSite It is known that any site without feedback from visitors will not survive long. If we talk about the blog - then it is no problem. Visitors can leave comments to the author, and sometimes to write your notes. But if it comes standard on this site for any subject (the site of a famous actor, singer, a collection of games, music, story about his hobbies, etc.), then the feedback from visitors to the site you want to add a forum or guestbook book. Forum on a small site is cumbersome and deserted, and spoil all impression of the site. It is sad to see dozens of entries, each of which added two or three posts without comments. Therefore, when a small audience recommended that you install the guest book. Fresh review of scripts and services on the Internet guest books, I could not find. So I had to go through trial and error, which made certain findings. For beginners and experienced webmaster I recommend a double solution - guest book service ModernSite (project started on site modernsite.km.ru in 2001), which is available free guestbook script MBook. Everyone chooses his own: novice webmasters enjoy the service of guest books, and advanced - set yourself a script. Also pleased that the service is constantly evolving, adding new features, resolved issues with spam. Overall - would recommend. Similar service with open and free source I have not seen. On the other hand, among the 'advanced' professionals are of the opinion that the best guestbook script - this one that you wrote yourself. I hasten to refute this opinion. Enough to see a list of vulnerabilities, even in high-quality scripts, designed not novices to understand that it is not a simple matter - web programming. It is not enough just to write a...

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