Administrative Offences 3. Prohibited condition meet the demands imposed during the warranty period, conditions that are associated with impaired goods (works, services). The seller (performer) may not, without the consumer's consent to carry out additional work and services for a fee. Consumer has the right to refuse payment of such works (services), and if they are paid, the consumer may require the seller (performer), a refund is given. Article 18. Consumer rights in case of detection of product flaws 6. In respect of the goods to which is guaranteed for the seller (manufacturer) authorized organization or an authorized individual entrepreneur, the importer is responsible for the defects in the goods, unless he proves that they arose after the transfer of goods to the consumer because of violations of consumer rules of use, storage or transportation, acts of third parties or force majeure. " Thus, the provision of a contract of sale or warranty service, obliging you to buy and install anything only from an authorized dealer, is uniquely recognized as contrary to competition law. Moreover, the law provides and the serious responsibility of unfair vendors and representatives of service to consumers. Here is what provides the rf Code of Administrative Offences: Article 14.8. Violation of other consumer rights 2. Inclusion in the contract conditions that discriminate statutory rights of consumers, punishable by administrative fines: - for officials - ranging from ten to twenty times the minimum wage - for legal entities - ranging from one hundred to two hundred minimum wage. " In conclusion, particularly to be noted that motorists need to clearly distinguish the concept of guarantees and insurance. The fact that the operation of the vehicle to blame (or causes) occurrence of different faults can serve six parties: the manufacturer, dealership, the owner, a third party (such as uncertified service...
Public Administration Basic more democratic, transparent and participativas relations become between the government and the citizens, as well as between the administration and the managed one, being requisite for the efficiency of the public politics. The process of modernization of the State demand that the Public Administration of today, with the increase of the importance of the supplied services, either efficient. For in such a way, it was verified that it must be adhered to the proposals of happened adaptation and flexibilizao of modernity. Many had been the progressos, but the Public Administration still is reflected of a system politician with traditional characteristics, where the form procedure, rigid uniform and, imposed for a bigger control of being able, hinders, or, at least, it makes it difficult the activity of the servers or used pro-assets, intent to the modernization necessity. Being thus, it does not have as to think the exercise of the public administration for disqualified people. The new server has that to congregate some qualities as good formation technique, ethical commitment and social sensitivity and politics. Of this form, the new public manager will be able to create mechanisms that they will make possible attendance of the necessities of the citizen, executing and many times creating possibilities of implantation of the public politics. Very still it lacks to be made inside of them you vary administrative spheres (municipal, state and federal), but already we know that with the modernization of the Public administration it is obtained to take care of the necessities of the Brazilian citizen.

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