Administrative Code " But this is the law and how things really? Practice hard shows that, in fact, any exit at the oncoming or entry into an unfamiliar street in sight standing nearby inspector DPS, turns to the driver turning into a pedestrian for a period of four to six months. Practice has proved: in seven years the existence of the Code as enshrined in Art. 1.5., The Administrative Code of the presumption of innocence does not work practically. With the advent of the judges on the table at the protocol scheme and report traffic violations, compiled at the discretion of an official DPS inspector, it is believed that the driver's guilt was proved by default. If the driver wants to avoid disqualification, he must own, by providing all kinds of evidence to prove his innocence. And as long as evidence can not imagine trying to destroy it on its face. So what kind of road safety, as well as protecting the legitimate rights and interests may be involved? By law, considered situations the driver must be immediately released from administrative liability. When placing an administrative materials (reports, diagrams traffic violations, report), as a rule, inspectors DPS make out the last (Scheme traffic violations, the report) as an annex to the protocol. Hence, if the duties of inspector DPS is to familiarize the driver with the protocol, it is obliged to familiarize with all annexed applications. If an inspector refuses to familiarize DPS materials, by virtue of Part 1 of Art. 25.1. .

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