The Romans We will never be able to affirm that we find in them in prodigious period of training of evolution when we place in second plain our altruistcal will. The altruism must be used harmonic with the rationality human being in detriment of the passions, or at least, place the altruism in first plan. However, I will deal with this subject at posterior moment. Concluding the silogism, I arrived at a result that left me amazement: the humanity is depraved since its existence. Still more, it never if it degnerated, already it was born depraved. Soon, we can conclude that to get worse the current state of the humanity it is a copioso challenge for the proper humanity and that it never had generation that served of model for the next one. Let us take off of example the antiquity, where the Egyptians had always oppressed its next weakkest one. To the Greeks, who as much were proud of its democracy, only 10% of its society lived in fact the democracy. The Romans had suffered for its gananciosidade and the medievos for this same gananciosidade. The church catholic if fortified on the head of poor and used of its influence to be deceptive and certain form, to corrupt itself. Currently, we live in state of total inercialidade, observing the disasters of the world. This that I call omissiva action of the society: the adoption of the indifference in ralao to the great social problems. Ahead the displayed one, we know of the existence of bonanza individuals, that make of its cause the cause of the world. They are those that acquire a magnificent rationality and think and question on our values. They are these people who would have to be our leaders, and in such a way, to serve of inspiration...

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