Roman Marble Any owner of your own home or cottage do not want to live in a faceless concrete or brick box. In addition, because everyone has the desire to housing is not only interior decoration and interior design expresses individuality hosts, but apparently it was different from other houses. Front decoration is a key element in the appearance of your home. Facade decoration can be made from different materials: it is plastic, and stone and wood, and other natural and artificial materials. But the finish is exquisite facade of marble. Another ancient Greek and Roman sculptors used marble to create his masterpieces. Marble is not only compares favorably with other stones gorgeous and unique appearance, but also the incredible strength, reliability and durability. Marble is not the same. You probably have noticed that there is a marble in different colors. It all depends on whether public mined regions of the stone. Some types of marble are quite popular and easy to find on the market for a reasonable price. Some of the same species, for example, black or pink marble, quite unique. If you want to decorate the facade of the house just such a marble, be ready to fork out. But your house will be a unique work of art. In any case, depending on whether you choose to furnish artificial stone facade or elegant marble, will depend on your mood and attitude of others to your home. Marble can also be used not only for the facades of houses and cottages. This stone is often adorns the building theaters, and other cultural, or monumental institutions, palaces. Marble products in the house - a sign of luxury and prosperity of the host. Suffice it to recall the beautiful, unique palaces of marble in the East.
Mona Lisa In the world there is a certain art in genres specific unit basis of the objects depicted on the plane or in the bulk of the work. So many are familiar with such phenomena as the portrait, landscape, still life. Genres, in turn, often subdivided into smaller areas, such as in the landscape can be identified seascape or cityscape. History of genres is interesting and entertaining. All We know the same landscape as an independent phenomenon in art, but for centuries it served as a screen saver to the background story of genre paintings, such as battle or on biblical and mythological themes. Also, very often landscape served as a backdrop for portraits. It is this aspect of closing or crossing genres and would like to address in this article, namely the phenomenon as a portrait in a landscape. It is worth to make certain separation is a portrait and a portrait sketch en plein air, where individual traits of the man pushed to the background, and display predominant light color nuances and relationships in nature or simply in the air. Certainly the most famous piece of this plan is the famous Mona Lisa Mona Lisa of the great Leonardo da Vinci. The woman depicted in the background of the fantastic and mysterious landscape, where we see the rock, water, road. Landscape as if immersed in a greenish-blue haze, and has a romantic and even somewhat cosmic character. Due to the landscape image of the Mona Lisa gets distracted, the universal nature, symbolizing the unity of man and nature. Among the works of Russian art is also seen interesting examples of this trend. At george karfukel you will find additional information. Among other noteworthy artists collective work of Repin IE and Aivazovsky called ' Farewell to a free element ...',...

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