Dance Do Klabbing almost completely opposes such a position. His practice has played an important role in the reorientation of social and individual views on the experience of pleasure. The pleasure of growing importance as a landmark of human life. Social framework earlier restraining pleasure through restrictions on the manifestation of sensuality, overlapping moral rules, weak. This was partly influenced by klabbinga because it facilitated access to the Nietzschean Dionysian top instead of the beginning of Apollonian order, structuring our everyday experience. Dance Do not trust a spiritual leader, if he can not dance. Mr. Miyagi. The Next Karate Kid (1994) Club dances - is an expansive practice Dionysian in the sense that that it brings people out of everyday social, sensual and emotional framework. Therefore, it is a form of knowledge: the way of perceiving the world, challenging restrictions sense, generated by habit and critical attention of others. This knowledge does not evaporate when people leave the club space, and is becoming a distinct axis of the sensory system of coordinates clubbers, the benchmark with which to compare the daily bodily practice. If we use the terminology of Pierre Bourdieu, we can say that the restrictive nature of the everyday practices of Apollonian longer taken for granted, and obtained through such practices knowledge can be transferred to the soil alternative sensory activities. I would not have sex with a man who can not dance. When a guy inventive, sexy dancing, you know - he knows how to move, he feels the rhythm, he owns his own body.

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