Musical Even if you give a close enough musical foundations, a young man is able to absorb a lot of casual dating and music. Thus, especially now that music is everywhere: from television, radio, computer, mobile phone, singing songs and playing instrumental pieces surrounding people. This music and songs - the basis for the formation of musical tastes of the child. And it remains, no matter what order, whether we like it or not, for life. Laid in childhood and adolescence cornerstones of musical perception of the world in the future may be slightly adjusted, evolve, but to become fundamentally different, they will not ever. Subconsciously, even in the avant-garde music that we're looking for, youth, the harmonic foundation. And when a person "hits" in the vanguard of a steep, this before the rest, he still subconsciously be sought in this avant-garde in the first place that, youth harmonic foundation. Musical tastes are mostly formed in childhood and adolescence. In my estimation, the mature man laid down with the relationship between childhood and adolescence (when very strongly influenced by the ancestors) musical tastes on the one hand, and later acquired the other close to 70%: 30%. A musical perception, inherent in the childhood is related to the acquired later something like 50%: 50%. Moms, dads, grandparents and sing what love at a young age. Now let's impartial assessment of what kind of music like today's moms, dads and grandparents. That they liked to listen to during his lifetime, especially in children and young age. These songs, the music they first portrayed, and their children. Thus, musical tastes, on the one hand, characterized by a fairly impressive inertia. Well received by new music and new songs, harmony does not contradict the established sense of harmony. On the other hand, even as a...

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