What Women Want The war between the sexes, how long? (Part I) Rabbi Akiva said: "Man and woman, if manage the Deity is among them, if they fail, they are consumed by fire." They just do not understand how women think, they just do not understand their priorities. The truth is simple: the spiritual root of the sexes is really different. How to set a path set is the real secret. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Spurs on most websites. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman * Security have already had the opportunity to see or at least hear about the movie What Women Want, known in Latin America as "What Women Want" and in Spain, "What Women Want?" . However, for those who do not know what it is, here is a brief summary: A male chauvinist who mistreats women, by accident one day get an electric shock at home, which changes his life completely and instantly. Suddenly, from that time, develops the ability to hear the deepest thoughts of all women around him, and therefore starts to become familiar with the female. Spontaneously know what they want and as a result, develops a sensitivity towards women in his life, which dramatically increases its popularity. a stas delight and impress this man so sensitive, intelligent, sweet and attentive, so amazingly knows how to respond to their needs, as if "he had read his thoughts." This movie was a huge success worldwide, touch-sensitive fibers. Most of the audience, men and women combined, came from that movie with a great sense of satisfaction; them in hopes of having a similar impact, and they think "I wish to happen to my spouse" Everything depends on where Given the success of this film reflects the need that exists in each one of us.
Guided Tours Of Spain. Carefree Resort For All The Family For a modern member of society one of the most important factor in restoring a full life is complete rest. To get rid of the results of routine and job nervous breakdown, physicians propose to change the atmosphere. And how much more drastic change, as a significant suspension from the traditional indicators of life, so much better. In reality, our body is distracted and focused now, so that adapt to different circumstances. And if this same time and the person gets pleasure, this form of relaxation - the best medicine for what you want problems and ailments. Among the many branches offered to tourists, that are currently offered to our countrymen, the most tempting, no doubt, is the direction of Spain. Directly tours in Spain attracts every year more and more number of citizens. And all because the amazing ancient cultural treasures of this ancient powers perfectly with the mild climate. For holidaymakers who came from a temperate climatic zone, in Spain will not need for a long time to acclimate, as 25-28 degrees Celsius - this is the best average temperature for the man, and it is in this place is held throughout the year. Remarkable temperature, warm sea and beautiful beaches - all data and allocated initially resorts in Spain, especially - one from the list of the most common, Costa Dorada. Not just a place to transfer means the Gold Coast - in fact, it's really lovely golden beaches, which are stretch for many kilometers. It should be noted that the holiday in the Costa Dorada and circulated among young people, and among those who prefer extreme sports, and parents with kids. In the Gold Coast each podyschet for himself a place on disposition. Marine surfing, windsurfing, tennis and golf - for travelers are available virtually any...

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