IMAtunes Goes Online Extensive online shop for royalty free music works opened IMAtunes is an extensive music catalog, full of gemafreier music in various styles. "" "" "" While behind the categories adventure, fantasy, epic, drama, romance, melancholy and thriller, horror, mystery "mainly orchestral pieces of great emotional significance or atmospheric sounds wait on customers, offer action, power, sports, lifestyle, retro, advertising or world, travel, tradition" as well as four other areas for any direction and taste the right piece. In addition, a category is fully dedicated to the audio logos. It is short pieces with concise melodies of high recognition value. Perfect for TV channels, radio stations, or similar offers, in which a company, brand or project will be marketed. TV and cinema productions, in advertising, as well as many other areas of the media more and more music from archives is used. Still looking Individuals, for example, to the perfect wedding, directors, constantly without time pressure, entertaining to pack information editors, with the claim that hotel owners who want to offer their guests an atmospheric sound and many more getting the best possible quality. It should can not sound canned, but melodious arrange for professional composers, which works in various styles. Especially that more often, smaller budget, makes it a necessary evil"on music catalogs to access, although evil" in this case certainly is the wrong word. Finally, all title, also at IMAtunes, come from composers with years of experience and proven reputation. The references in the form of Ravensburger AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, or Innogames GmbH and many more already speak at the start of the offer itself. What does GEMAfrei mean? Big is this term in many places, but what lies behind it? The GEMA is a collecting society and takes for artists Copyright true. So a fee to them...

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