Music Community Portal The good intentions for the new year of 2008 have prevailed even when the music community portal DooLoad.de. The new year is addressed with a new design and additional features. DooLoad.de is a music download store with integrated social network community for lovers of music and works as a platform for bands, clubs, festivals, and fans. This importance will act laid side by side bands from the independent sector, as well as from the major-label area to leave and to offer the users a wide range of music. The opportunity all registered members when you create your own profile to specify the preferred taste in music, simplifying the building of various contacts with common interests. In addition, bands and Festival organizer publish certain dates in the internal concert calendar, can upload songs, ready to download and build especially direct contact to their fan base. For 2008 optical as well as user friendly changes of the portal you want to with the site redesign held, which the Web 2.0 increasingly adapt. With more and more opportunities offered the user still active and integrated to take part in the action. The new profile designer provides multiple alternatives to create your website through the enhanced drag & drop menu. Using this new menu, the user can easily create his complete profile in a window with a mouse click. In addition to the already existing categories, an additional Newsflash is set up on the latest information and promotions from DooLoad.de will be available. The news include all information related to the 2008 increase taking place in the year filled - DooLoad.de starts in the new year again on interaction. Once again all registered bands have the opportunity to participate in being voted then according to the proven principle in real time on the Fletchmusicblog...
What Women Want The war between the sexes, how long? (Part I) Rabbi Akiva said: "Man and woman, if manage the Deity is among them, if they fail, they are consumed by fire." They just do not understand how women think, they just do not understand their priorities. The truth is simple: the spiritual root of the sexes is really different. How to set a path set is the real secret. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Spurs on most websites. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman * Security have already had the opportunity to see or at least hear about the movie What Women Want, known in Latin America as "What Women Want" and in Spain, "What Women Want?" . However, for those who do not know what it is, here is a brief summary: A male chauvinist who mistreats women, by accident one day get an electric shock at home, which changes his life completely and instantly. Suddenly, from that time, develops the ability to hear the deepest thoughts of all women around him, and therefore starts to become familiar with the female. Spontaneously know what they want and as a result, develops a sensitivity towards women in his life, which dramatically increases its popularity. a stas delight and impress this man so sensitive, intelligent, sweet and attentive, so amazingly knows how to respond to their needs, as if "he had read his thoughts." This movie was a huge success worldwide, touch-sensitive fibers. Most of the audience, men and women combined, came from that movie with a great sense of satisfaction; them in hopes of having a similar impact, and they think "I wish to happen to my spouse" Everything depends on where Given the success of this film reflects the need that exists in each one of us.

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