Music Productions Worth of gear in a professional Mastering Studio or home Studio Mastering not sufficient? With the triumph of the PC and its accelerating processors grew and grow also the possibilities of musicians, bands and producers to record professional music productions today more or less 'in the living room' and produce. Any commercially available PC provides now enough computing power to mix high-quality audio recordings and countless digital effects to edit, to alienate them and refine. Software plug-ins have taken over the functions of equalizers, compressors, delay and reverb units and are integrated into the mix with a click of the mouse. Is now very well at home realize also the Audi o-mastering, say the last tonal refinement and adaptation as well as the creation of the actual masters, so the final pressing factory template, which is reproduced. There are savvy users of many software tools available that give the necessary pressure and the equivalent loudness of his tracks. Why should I still with my music in a professional Mastering Studio go to again operate my tracks? Audio mastering requires much experience and the necessary technical equipment as opposed to the home Studio mastering sound-technically trained and specialised in their field professionals, whose long-standing experience is crucial when it comes to detect errors in a mix and eliminate work in professional mastering. To first hear this mix error, is needed in addition to the competence of the mastering engineers, in addition a reference listening environment, so a workstation, indicating linear, transparent and sound completely genuine, i.e. neutral again music. True mastering studios have such requirements: only with optimal room acoustics, high-quality signal path and high end mastering-monitors first, to perceive even the finest nuances in sound yet to make corresponding adjustments to the sound opportunity. Audio mastering therefore requires much know-how...

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