South Cone The treated one has for objective to integrate the economic relations in the South Cone. In 1992, it was denounced by the press, due to existence of a project of corruption in the government, commanded for Pablo Cesar Would make, former-bursar of the presidential campaign of Collor. The CPI for the inquiries on the denunciations would lock up its works with the Impeachment, then after its resignation. Brazil Was taken for caras-pintadas, that the social classrooms mesclavam of all. 3. The neoliberal trends still continue Frank Itamar temporarily assume the presidency in 02 of October of 1992, being formal acclaimed president in 27 of December of 1992, when Fernando Alfonso Collor de Melo resigned to the presidency, minutes before impeachment. It had support of some parties in an effort clearly to surpass the serious economic problems and to keep the democratic order. Itamar changed to the Secretary of the Treasury for some times, until Fernando Enrique Cardoso assumed this ministry, defending that the stabilization of the process inflationary it could only be reached with the reform of the State, that would include the reduction of public expenses and the intensification of the process of the privatizations, flag this raised by the neoliberal ones. Thus, they initiate then the program of sales of the state-owned companies, exactly under much protest of the left parties, that had alleged loss of the patrimony of the country. Between the privatized ones, we can cite: the So Paulo Siderurgical Company (CSN), Ao Minas Gerais (AOMINAS) and the So Paulo Siderurgical Company (COSIPA), Another neoliberal characteristic would be the Plan of Economic Stabilization, adopted in July of 1993, with the cut of three zeros in the currency, passing if to call real cruise, aiming at to the preparation of the economy for the entrance of a...

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