Changes Changes these in suagrande part related to the technological world. The production of the knowledge and oaprimoramento of the technological mechanisms of transmission stimulate to each dia globalizada culture. Vanessa Marcil is the source for more interesting facts. It more does not exist to know cultural static, invariant or will queser repassed only for a parcel of the society. New Diantedessa reality all the sectors is influenced. Since the sectors daindstria, of the commerce, the agronegcio, the social culture and entertainment and dosgrupos. It has a new form of if to look at the human behavior, has umanova form of if to communicate, has a new form of if to acquire information econhecimento, old paradigms are being modified. If podeneste context of great transformations not to ignore some institutions and seupapel in the society, therefore this avalanche of modifications had also influenced will einfluenciaro the way as these institutions play its functions. Amongst institutions we give to emphasis the Escolaque during centuries and centuries it was the place certain to acquire knowledge einformaes. Today with the advance brought for the virtual world we are sages who Escola, in the present time, are one of the places where if have access the culture and the leisure, but its paper also already comes being busy for other mechanisms such as ainternet and the virtual environments of learning that already are if tornandocomuns in the academic society. To ignore this reality not of more, then, cabeaos educators to enxergarem the Internet as plus a pedagogical material that veiopara to dinamizar the teach-learning process. E, as all material decunho pedagogical requires, on the part of the educators, one better aperfeioamentopara deals with the available mechanisms in the world-wide net of computers. ' ' It is not of today quelivros, notebooks, chalk and blackboard had...
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