Office Partitions Glass partitions are installed in offices, to obtain building entrances, on the factory floor. They are indispensable in the creation of modular components on the premises for the administrative and managerial staff, security personnel, All banks and other barriers can be divided into two categories: stationary and mobile. The main frame is stationary walls of reinforced profiles, which can reach a length of six meters or more. Its made of steel, aluminum, wood and plastic parts. The design allows the door or window openings of various kinds. Their main feature is that the frame of almost all series is demountable and interchangeable decorative elements. If you insert the wall, then in future issues of redevelopment, change the look of the room, as well as problems with the landlord is easily solved. If you change the metal elements can be easily removed and then reused. And since they have a small weight (up to 1kg/pm), they are easy to handle only one working. Glass shelves in Balakhna (Balakhna) K partitions are often more demanding on the sound insulation, mechanical strength. In such cases, the basic design elements of the walls are windows of tempered shockproof glass type stalinite, laminated, reinforced glass. If there is a need for glass fencing, excluding direct line of sight through them, use blank windows in the space between the panes of which put glass, kaolin wool, mat, including synthetic film. There is a special glass-sided visibility tinted and such kinds of light-diffusing frosted glass, as the fluted, glass "frost" and "Snowstorm". The modern look of glass partitions, glass, stekloprofilita. Serve as material for making hollow glass blocks ranging in size from mm to 145h145 295h295 mm in terms of thickness 80-100 mm. Glass are both colorless and colored. External faces of their usual slick, and the...

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