Music And Body Music and body: how music affects us and why music therapy helps recovery studies have shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche. In fact, there is a growing area Health, known as music therapy, which uses the music wave in health and healing purposes. Those who know about the intelligent use of practical care, help for cancer patients, children with ADD, and others. Just music therapy has been widely used in hospitals, where it is a way of dealing with pain, depression ustranieniem, building physical activity and capacity of man. These healing properties not all - many patients music therapy also helps to relax, relieve muscle tension, etc. This is not surprising, because the music has an effect on the body and mind a number of ways. Here are some of music phenomena that explain the effectiveness of music therapy: Brain waves: Studies have shown that music with strong beats stimulates brain waves, resonating in sync with the rhythm that causes the heart to beat faster, and thinking concentrates and makes more alert and attentive. The slow pace on the contrary helps to relax and stay in a meditative state. Furthermore, scientific tests have shown changes in brain activities in certain areas, which has a positive effect on the state of the brain, even after you stop listening to the pulse of muzyku.Dyhanie: Along with changes in brain waves are several other changes in functions of your body. The functions regulated by the autonomic nervous system, such as heart rate and breathing, may vary greatly under the influence of music. This could lead to even breathing, stabilization of frequencies heart rate, and overall relaxation of the body. That's why music therapy helps to eliminate or prevent the adverse effects of chronic stress, which is so...

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