Women's Happiness The popular science website YoRead.ru published the results of numerous polls in vital topic, 'What is a woman's happiness'? Summing up the work, scientists have argued that they were able to deduce universal formula of happiness, which can be applied to any object female, regardless of race, culture and religion. Claim a study by researchers at the opening of the century? Judge for yourself: the reasons women's happiness, they say they are, is the presence of her husband, children and the ability to self - just brilliant and accessible. But why is there so many poor women, and that prevents them from being happy? Without further ado, can be called happiness feeling of satisfaction out of life. But is the presence of family and work is a guarantee of happiness? If a husband and wife is not understanding, if children do not meet expectations, then work is simply a refuge from family conflicts. The last two decades can be called the beginning of the collapse of the institution of marriage age. More and more young people refuse to burden themselves with family, more women refuse to marry and give birth. The media is a phenomenon called the crisis of family relations, but for the word crisis conceals the causes, of which the media are silent. Our time is characterized by social upheaval and the sexual revolution, but, no matter how shaken the world, he can not change the nature of men and women. Women as producers of offspring bore and carries a desire to create for the future of children and for themselves as much as possible comfortable existence.
Lego Star Wars Pirate Ship Lego released a series of sets, each of which can be combined with others. The most popular among children and adolescents are sets of series Zvednyh wars. Lego Star Wars set 7753, a pirate ship, is part of Clone Wars series, released in 2009. The set was created based on Star Wars episode, in which a gang of pirates led by Hono ONAKO Count Dooku captures and hides it in the world Florum. Lego Pirate Ship refers to sets that are only available online. In a set of 372 components, 3 mini-figures: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Hondo ONAKO and pirate. Lego pirate ship set up a 24 cm long and 15 cm in width. He even has wheels to move it on the ground. The Tower of the ship and turns easily in her special chair. There is also a mechanism that allows open area at the top of the ship. There you can place a pilot and a prisoner. In pirate tank rotating blaster and launch rockets. Pirates are not kidding! These bespredelschik kept in suspense and Republicans, and the Separatists. Surf on his powerful tank, they intend to take prisoners and to impose their rules do not Oughter only to Rome, but the entire universe. Obi Wan Kenobi wants to negotiate with the leader of the pirates Hondo ONAKO. But if it will work at it it? Almost everyone who bought this Lego set, recommend it to friends. This is a beautiful set, with rather unusual design of ship: it has an elongated shape, instead of the usual short and wide. Kit includes stickers, though it looks fine without them and use the labels in this set of Lego only spoil its beauty. On the grounds Zvednyh Wars Lego game released 'LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game'. This game was...

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