Anonymous Main If you already have an AV-system in the living room (main zone), the easiest option of organizing a second zone - to set a pair of speakers in the bedroom with connecting them to the main power amplifier (receiver) by Anonymous speaker cables. Then, in both rooms to play music - but just the same.,. And if the harder task - to merge into the second zone and give a few rooms there are not only sound but also an image - that of the apartment you can listen to music and watch movies or television programs essential. This is one of the most simple cases. More sophisticated and expensive configurations include the use of multi-controller (connecting and distributing signals around the home) and control panels, keypads or touch that may be present in each room. One of the advantages sophisticated multiroom - the possibility of organizing independent zones with playback various audio and video content. In other words, while in the living room is a movie in the bedroom at that time you can watch satellite TV and a bath - to bathe under Bach's fugues. The number of cases can be very large and depend only on customer requirements and availability have a corresponding number of AV-sources. The main technical problems faced by installers in the organization of multi-room complexes are associated directly with AV-signal transfer without loss of quality. The length of the wires in concealed installation reaches (depending on the size of an apartment or house) of dozens or even hundreds of meters, and at such distances the effect of cables affects quite use balanced connections, which effectively reduces the level of network interference. But the balanced cables are not cheap, and the corresponding inputs / outputs are not all the components. However, if a short...

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