Months Old Gifts You're invited to a small family celebration, because the child of your best friends turns 4 months old. You are at a loss: what to give? How to choose a gift, so it was useful baby? Your a synochku-crumbs already knocked eighteen! How to make a gift that he does not propylilsya few years on the mezzanine, waiting for a small master toy grows up? It's worth remembering what happens with the baby at the age of four months. Let's remember together! 4 months - this is a wonderful age. The kid understands it difficult for the movement. Just think how difficult such crumbs high lift head, lying on his tummy, and lean on your forearms. Attempt to simultaneously back muscles, neck, tiny hands and feet. And once the process of recognizing the baby's own body, and gifts must be chosen such that will help him in this. For example, at this age baby likes to be supported under the arms to dance. Therefore, a good gift to your child will be Leg press. This toy will help to strengthen children's feet. The keys are attached to the back of the bed, banging that pipsqueak can see Flashing lights and music. You, along with his father their birthday can immediately and stick! For grown-up kid the keys in the future serve as a toy piano. Possibly using a toy, like a piano, he will be in the age when remember who made the gift. And your friends - his or her parents, be sure to tell him about it! If the shop you can not find "trainer" for the baby legs, then pay attention to the complex developmental centers, which are for babies from 4 months. Rattles, bells, figurines and music will promote the development of concentration, visual and auditory...
Governor Pavlovna This article is about the Prince of Oldenburg and Grand Duchess Ekaterina Pavlovna Romanov - they did three years Tver second capital of Russia. His Imperial Highness Prince Oldenburg, from April 1809 to December 1812 , was Governor-General of Tver, Novgorod and Yaroslavl. Prince was the youngest son of the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, and Elizabeth of Wurttemberg, the sister of Maria Feodorovna - wife of Russian Emperor Paul the First. In 1808, leaving the captured French Oldenburg, 24-year-old Prince of Oldenburg (a graduate of University of Leipzig) entered the Russian service. In St. Petersburg, a young man of royal blood, of course, was a significant figure in the highest Petersburg society. April 18, 1808 he married his cousin and sister of the Russian Emperor Alexander I - 20-year-old Ekaterina Pavlovna (she had a great impact on brother - Alexander the First, especially early in his reign.). Catherine P. - possessing intelligence and good looks, was a very energetic woman, charming effect on others. She received a good education at home and had a wide variety of interests (especially music and literature). Before this marriage was considered the possibility of marriage, Catherine Pavlovna of Napoleon Bonaparte, but did not work out, some historians believe that the denial of marriage to Catherine Bonaparte was one of the main reasons for the attack on Russia in France in 1812. It was in love with Prince Pyotr Bagration. Ekaterina Pavlovna enjoyed great popularity in Russian society, according to rumors, there was a plan of its construction to the throne (Catherine third) rather than the Emperor Alexander, after setbacks in military operations in 1807.

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