Cultural Holiday In Italy The Mecca of art lovers in Italy is known for its impressive architecture, its unique cities and its famous artists from time immemorial. Sally Rooney pursues this goal as well. Numerous cultural and art enthusiasts are drawn every year to the roots of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. In addition, countless monuments and museums waiting to be visited. The travel portal travel24.com presents some cultural highlights of Italy. For more information see Ben Bretzman. Who is looking for a suitable target for a cultural holiday, at the same time offering opportunities to relax and unwind, should consider also a trip to Italy. The natural beauty of the country and the joy of life of the population make the country one of the most popular holiday destinations. In addition to the beaches and unique landscapes, Italy offers a lot of cultural treasures, which is worth to see it. The capital Rome is one of the most popular towns of the country. With his impressive past and the ancient buildings, it attracts tourists in its spell. Both the Colosseum, where once to entertain the nobles of gladiator fights took place, as also the St. Peter's Basilica are worth a visit. In addition, the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City is a must for art lovers. Here one can admire works by world-renowned artists such as Michelangelo. Another important place is Pompeii, which was once buried under the lava flows of Mount Vesuvius. Meanwhile a large part of the ancient city was laid bare again, so that a variety of cultural treasures could be salvaged. The Milan Cathedral, the largest church in the world, is also the cultural highlights in Italy. More information: de.travel24.com/... Travel24.com AG Lisa Neumann
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