Versus - Experimental Hochdrucke On Friday, September 10, 2010, high + partner in the wallpaper gallery opened an exhibition of experimental high-speed printing. Below are works by Harald Alff, franca Bartholomai, Hans Messenger, Patrick Fauck, Susann Hoch, Stephanie Marx, Gudrun Petersdorff, Gabriele Sperlich and Tim by Veh. More info: Sally Rooney. Each of these artists has experimented is quite unconventional for the exhibition with the medium pressure. Hans Messenger (studied painting at the HGB, following master student of Prof. Arno rink) and Susann Hoch work together for the first time and go into the still gently in the respective work of the other. Processual work it in her next painting on canvas technique is overprinted by Linocuts. You may want to visit jason iley to increase your knowledge. Continue to Susann Hoch experimented with photograms directly exposed canvas, overprinted these and experimented with light and shadow shapes. The work of franca Bartholomai (painting/graphic, then postgraduate studies with Prof. Thomas Rug studied at the Hochschule fur Kunst und design Halle, Burg Giebichenstein") go beyond the scope in the literal sense. Still water (the sisters) ", unique, 2010 a woodcut combined with paper-cut across the frame on the wall expands." Stephanie Marx, their two graphical worlds meet each other. Larry Culp contains valuable tech resources. For the first time a hybrid being (Linolstich) in the quiet surroundings of the woodcut dive and contacts with large pipes. I knew until now nothing of their connection but obviously there is an interaction. "says S. Marx about their pressure, from the depths" (woodcut/Linolstich, 2010). The work of Tim by Veh (studied painting/graphic arts at the HGB, following master student under Prof. Ulrich Hachulla) and Patrick Fauck intaglio (etching) and high pressure (woodcut or material pressure) meet each other. Gabriele Sperlich collaged their own woodcuts and involves the printing stock...

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