Ghostbusters Elizabeth Masterson - junior doctor. It works round the clock, not for positions in the hospital, as her colleague-snob, but just because it feels responsible for the lives of patients. However, such employment is bad for any personal life and his girl and tries to arrange. Her sister is trying to introduce Liz to her husband's friend whom he called to visit them, but on the way Elizabeth falls asleep at the wheel, gets in a terrible car accident and falls into a coma - to between life and death, between heaven and earth. David Abbott, a young landscape designer, seeking refuge where he could be alone with his sad memories - always with a sofa. After a long search, he finds suitable den and tries to dissociate itself from the world, but no such luck. Suddenly, she stated to him, asserting that it was her apartment, and requiring that he was removed from here. (We do something with you, dear viewer, know that this is Liz, but David is not known). On the spot on the pillow, he discovers that the strange visitor actually lived here, but what if she comes out of nowhere, disappears into nowhere, and talking to him, pass through the furniture? Ghost also realizes this and tries to spoil life as David may - just his presence. A young man tries to get rid of the ghosts with occult priest, Ghostbusters - comic scenes here enough, but with the help of the seller understands the esoteric books that he could not get rid of the neighbor, until he finds out who she is.
Online Store Expensive Luxury As I said earlier, trading via the Internet has become commonplace for most entrepreneurs and not only. You can sell via the Internet in different ways, but the most effective - is through your own online store. E-shop - is a web site with product catalog, through which the customer can choose and order the goods he needed. To pay for selected goods, as a rule, customers can pay different ways: by sending items COD or automatic billing to payment by plastic cards and electronic payment systems. What is it like 'goods-mail' in the USSR! What is needed in order what would have its own such a directory, so even with the admission charges? It's not so difficult, and at the same time not so simple. But all in order. There are several ways: to order development professionals store, try to do it myself, rent ready online store. Develop an online store in web-studio usually does not come cheap. And there are reasons. After all, the owner of the studio to pay salaries to designers and employees, pay rent office, etc. The cost of setting up shop in web-studio will begin from 30 thousand rubles. For the money you get a fully finished trading platform with individual colorful design. But what if you try yourself? Possible. For this You will need to learn a little programming language, have an idea of what a server, domain, hosting. Internet-based store is management system (CMS), which is free and paid. Most free systems are developed on the personal initiative of the programmers and may later play a bad joke in the security of your store.

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