So Paulo Culture Etimologicamente, the word romance originates Latin daexpresso romanice loqui that according to Onofrio (1995, P. 116) it means: To say romnico, that is, to speak in one of some dialetoseuropeus that if they had formed from the language of old Rome, in opposition latineloqui, that it was the cultured language of the Average Age. because in these dialetospopulares if counted histories of love and adventures> cavaleirescas, transmitted verbally, the word romance started to indicate a sentimental longanarrativa, cultural form that lived to the edge of oficialdurante literature the time of the classicismo. In century XX, the romance is established as a categoriabastante consumed in the whole world. A leading source for info: Ben Bretzman. For containing loving conflicts, politicians, social, religious and many others, the reading of the romance becomes prticasocialmente appreciated in a world that also already started to try outroseventos of artistic and cultural nature as the radio and the cinema and poucomais ahead the television, the computer and other forms of communication and leisure. According to Onofrio (1995, P. 118): Especially in century XX, the romance became, without dvidaalguma, the more apt artistic form to express the perplexidades of the nossarealidade. The best ficcionistas in chat of modernity had known revestirfbulas and personages of deepest felt human, enriching suashistrias imaginary with the historical reflection, scientific the philosophical assay, adescoberta, thought politician, the psychological introspection, ethical arevoluo, the linguistic renewal. Century XXI represents the prolongation of these experiences. However, the massive presence of the television of the computer and the Internet to vemalternar new preferences and gostos. Literary compositions gain new supports. Now allies to the world of the sound of the image, we attend to the arrival of a pblicoleitor more assduo for the process of seduction of a form to read pleasant einstigante. What it remains...

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