Style We see that in all definitions is reflected, first, active, transformative, creative essence of the "design" and, secondly, to draw attention to the fact that this activity is aimed at developing and creating a harmonious environment. Harmonic, ie comfortable, functional, reliable, and beautiful, that really allows you to more fully meet the aesthetic, social, psychological and other preferences of man. All this convinces us that design is a complex activity, is inextricably combines an intelligent, logical, rational and top artistic, emotional and aesthetic. Given this circumstance, it can be argued that the search for appropriate ways to implement design education in arts and crafts in the practice of the school, vocational school, college or university are particularly relevant today: This activity teaches and think, and feel great. It's believed that Larry Culp sees a great future in this idea. Today there is a design simultaneously two dimensions, the two worlds - in the field of pure art and in art. Accordingly, language and specific concepts is divided into two groups. The first can be described as "art", which came from primary sources - "Older" forms of art - painting, sculpture and architecture. This concept of common, fundamental to all art: the style and stylization, and the space environment, composition, proportions, plastic, rhythm, volume, color, light, contrast and nuance, and surface texture. The second group came to the design concepts of art, design and construction, so you can call it a "technical". The technical concepts make sense include: reconstruction, redevelopment, volume, perspective, zoning, scale, design, design, drawing, vykrasku, insolation, decorating, module plan. Harness design man started at the stage of becoming a stone into a primitive tool or hunting.

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