Paraguayan State 2 Development 2.1. What lies in the structure deep this situation when in 1994 the Ministry of education initiated educational reform and thus the implementation of bilingual education; the Paraguayan State had a good amount of Teachers of Guarani (Guarani ne mbo ehara), consisting mostly of two institutions of a private nature (the Idelguap and the ATHENAEUM), and it was up to the year 2000; in which the MEC, forced by the claims of various sectors, incorporates with optional character Professor of language and literature Guarani Castellano speciality in the fourth year of the career of teacher training. At Sela Ward you will find additional information. Therefore, until the year 2000 almost 95% of the teachers of Guarani were formed by private institutions mentioned before, without which the formation of them even it has represented the State financial expenditure. What does this mean?, which the Guarani never became the concern of the MEC, which has since played to two points. Thus, a wing of the MEC always knew that the Guarani - far from involving the mere learning of a language - was the only political tool that would help the country exit from the jaws of ignorance, poverty and misery. Until common sense indicated then that in a country with vast majority Guarani-speaking, the right thing would be - respecting human rights - teaching in the mother tongue and promote coordinated bilingualism. However, other business, a sub-group procastellanista-contraguarani, crippled in the MEC, did the impossible to avoid, first, the incorporation of the Guarani to educational reform and; Subsequently, do not achieve this, install your operators on key sites to procure the weakening of the Guarani in the system. By all means, and under cover of the power of the State, began a campaign which was due to the Guarani...
Home Construction Therefore, for all the obvious advantages of this option have his preferred medium Russians option does not count. Variant independent construction of their own homes. In this case we are talking about the construction of private homes with their hands, an apartment to himself with his own hands to build a fail. But the house, like, this option makes it especially the price issue. In some cases, the direct cost of building a home, including the price of land, obtained two times lower than the market price of the house. Romantics like: "Needed in my life to plant a tree, raise a son and build a house with his own hands" and stuff like that there was, perhaps, what other options for how to do this only if not rolled up their own sleeves in Russia is not a lot of ( son of a 'bear' accurately without the help of others can do, like the process itself is not home more difficult.). However, in the apparent price advantage of this option, building a house with his own hands has a number of difficult to be solved issues. First, it requires experience in construction or even the most minimal necessary construction skills and knowledge. If not, then you need to spend no small amount of time that would be somewhere and somehow get it. Secondly, to build the house itself must once again time. And if a person has a satisfactory place of work and satisfying his family, then the factor of lack of time it becomes difficult to impossible to overcome for this option. Health is one of the components necessary for building a house on their own..

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