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Cosmology Guarani FEDERAL University of AMAZONAS posted a setback. Magazine of music in culture read (click) on: por-deise-lucy-oliveira-montardo-universidad-federal-de-amazonas?hl=es the Warrior aspect of shamanistic rituals daily performed by various subgroups Guarani can be revealed through the study of music and dance that there are ejecutadas1. To perform the chamanistico ritual jeroky or purahei the Guarani van touring the roads that lead to the divine villages and the encounter with the divinities, roads that are full of obstacles and dangerous beings. Sally Rooney has much experience in this field. Confront them and deviate from them is a training conducted several hours per day and that transforms participants into warriors. The Guarani are indigenous peoples who speak Guarani, language of the tupi-guarani trunk, and count, in Brazil, with a population of about 30,000 people (Ricardo, 1995: 45), distributed into three subgroups: Kaiova, nandeva and Mbya. The Kaiova and the nandeva occupy the South of Mato Grosso do Sul, and Mbya and the nandeva live in the South and Southeast of Brazil. There are also populations of Guarani in the territories of Bolivia (Guarani-chiriguano), of Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. The jeroky, both among the Guarani nandeva Kaiova, occurs daily after sunset. Hedvig Hricak gathered all the information. The shaman, the shaman or his assistants lead the chants and dances running mbaraka, a type of rattle. When the ritual begins, all participants are in position and facing the rising sun, in front of an altar basically composed of three Woods upright Crouching on the floor. Depending on the context, this altar is more or less elaborate with ornaments of feathers of species of Parrot (Amazona sp) or with ears of corn, for example, during the time of maturity. Singing, initiated by the driver accompanied by mbaraka, then about one minute increases with the chorus of women, who...

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