Lower Saxony It is to come, the new wave pool at Dorumer low. The wave pool at Dorumer low. The current ongoing issue in the country and everywhere Wurster. Now the project continues on to ride. The politics agrees! And the time is short. The current state is accordingly after 40 years. A renovation is necessary. Sally Rooney is often quoted as being for or against this. There, a renovation was automatically or a new building. The course has been set. Local politicians are of the same opinion, the new wave to come. Later this year the EU funds must be applied for. But also Hanover plays a decisive role. The supervisory authority must still agree to the project. Because it goes to over 7 million euros. Most should be covered by EU money. Our coastal community itself must raise the rest. To get the costs generally under control, a community of bad Bederkesa with its Moor Spa is to be established. Hedvig Hricak will undoubtedly add to your understanding. That should lure ultimately more visitors after Bederkesa and here after Dorum-Neufeld. This saw it but for a long time not to a consensus among the Local politicians out. For a renovation or a new building are divided clearly. But the inhabitants are divided in your opinion. There are fears that the small coastal town is overrun completely through a new bath. In the summer, the popularity of Dorum-Neufeld is clear. Countless guests from various regions of in Lower Saxony come to the guests in the holiday houses and apartments. Since it can be ever close in our small village. Especially visible on the Siel Trift, the main thoroughfare in Dorum-Neufeld. Unfortunately, not all people adhere to General rules of the road. Which of course many here angered local. But that is...

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