Astrology Book Come closer - go away in August the meanwhile third book of professional astrologers Uwe Sonnenschein is already... ambivalent relationships from an astrological point of view with the promising title "come closer go away" appeared. Sela Wards opinions are not widely known. On October 15 it is now officially presented to the public. The book presentation in the restaurant Thessaloniki, 24 Crown road in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany will take place from 8: 00. After, the visitors have the opportunity to ask questions to the author of astrology in General and to the book in particular. The book itself is about the conflicting feelings of closeness and distance, showing up in many romantic relationships and that great difficulties so many lovers. In detail, it shows up as how to recognize them and what you can do to such situations, to deal with them. This book is very interesting also for singles, learns he or she but a lot about the own, inherent partner image, which frequently choose someone the same partner type not always can be the advantage! "This factory was a pleasure" says Uwe Sonnenschein. In his more than 10 years practice as astro psychological life consultant, he advised already several thousand people and know how many couples are tormenting with ambivalent feelings. There are resources and strategies from this dilemma out, Sunshine represents impressively in his book. Here he introduces first profound and holistic in the subject then subsequently provide information on astrological methods of recognition and understanding. Diverse interpretation texts about individual constellations give the astrologically interested reader concrete understanding helps in the hand. Titled lot tried the "relations karma" even a separate chapter is devoted to. Who the love between two people interested in this book will captivate and enrich with many insights.

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