Snapshots Earlier probably the author / author has a sheet of paper sat and then empty? If you were lucky, something often not came out sometime thinking... 13: 00 53. The Sun actually came out and I had assumed it would rain longer. I should annoy me now (bullshit: about sunshine one of course never annoys or?) or use the time better? My friend will pick me precisely at 4: 00, so this just over 2 hours remain the same, me to bring something about. Comes now of course not to write unimportant as much as possible. And: what's the idea, that I had no desire to write by pen? She joined in the story "The misspelled script" or "Broken dreams" (in English in this case on stories, only by the way not intended to be advertising, but somehow I would like to resume the lost thread...) You should of course correctly write screenplays, otherwise they will read anywhere, no one is according to the instructions they contain. But in the fantasy story I'm just around the idea of "what if..." And so the misspelled script at the location given for him ended up: in a fake world of full figures formed a real people to be, but at least a figure shatters when she learns that she is just not a famous person, but almost nobody. And who wants to be already a nothing, a nobody? And I continue my story at the point (it is now even a story in continuation that drives so in front of him, without that I really know where I want to finally land the figures), where RF (he can be so called, has become accustomed to this acronym) Michael Adams has left, is to hear only as a fictional character. Michael has given...

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