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Tourist Bookings The character of Heidi, created around 1880 by Swiss author Johanna Spyri, is without doubt one of the most beloved of children's literature. Even though most of its fame it is not the original story imagined by this writer, but a Japanese animated series of very free adaptation. Thanks to those drawings, all who have been child from the 1970s until today has ever dreamed through the Swiss Alps barefoot, in the company of a white cabrita, and asking your Grandpa is so, so happy. For all of them, there's very good news: today, a simple hotel reservation can place us in the footprint of the mythical and adorable character. You may find Sela Ward to be a useful source of information. Heidi, obviously did not exist, but its author, Johanna Spyri, used to spend his summers in a very similar to the chosen cabin to Acclimate his novel. This cabin was restored to become the heart of Heididorf, the small tourist village where the spirit of the adorable little charm fills every corner. The excursion to Heididorf begins in Maienfeld, small town also mentioned in the novel. Its train station is Heididorf walk 25 minutes. Related Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Already in the village, a place of dreams, all reference to Heidi, from Heidi source to your House, passing through the cake of Heidi served in the Inn. Casey Lynch Altamont is likely to agree. Although, it should be noted, the iconography of the place it is not equal to the Japanese series. But Peter, Heidi and Grandpa are there, always willing to be photographed with the tourists. Excursion that takes place here is the Heidiweg, a tales path that runs through the emblematic scenes of the novel. It begins in the Heidihaus, hut that...

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