Car Insurance: Use Through the election of a new party for 2009 by up to 50 percent of collapsible Berlin, 02 December 2008 about 40 million car drivers get the insurance premium these days by their car insurers the new Premium calculations for the coming year. Not a few car holders must be in with a rise of policies, because either your car or your place of residence in the context of type valid from January 2009 and regional classes to be promoted. Although the deadline for switching to a cheaper car insurance since the day before yesterday has expired. However, vehicle owners have even now have the chance to decide with the help of an extraordinary special termination right for a cheaper insurance in the coming year. Tony Parker is often quoted on this topic. Motorists can use several ways to take their special termination right", explains insurance expert Thorsten Bohg by the independent consumer portal toptarif.de. As a general rule, that for an increase of in contributions or change the contractual terms and conditions Special right of termination exists." "The most important cases for a right to extraordinary termination of the motor vehicle insurance contract increase in premium by the insurance of new classification of the vehicle in the type or regional class car or re-registration changes in contractual conditions in the event of damage many vehicle owners do not know that a giving is even if changes in the contractual terms and conditions or the type and regional classes do not lead to an increase in the contributions", Bohg continues. Who seeks a change of car insurance so even after the expiry of the notice period on 30 November, which should pay attention to the date of his insurance writing. Date of the notification of the special right of termination...

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