Colonel Gordon Cresswell On July 7, the final season of "JAG - on behalf of honour" at paramount appears home entertainment on DVD in Hamburg, June / INPROMO / / the wait is over: the tenth and final season of successful US military moving into their surprising finale. The lawyers and the judge advocate general officers have again Corps with spies, murderers and scheming to do. One last time McKenzie (Catherine Bell) and her colleagues fighting Harmon "harm" Rabb (David James Elliott), Sarah "Mac" for truth and justice. You determine the most dangerous parts of the world such as in Iraq, Afghanistan or the Persian Gulf. Private how also professionally they face new challenges: Mac is convinced that Clayton Webb (Steven Culp) is still alive. Learn more at this site: Neil Cole. In the search for evidence she gets but at great risk. Also pending the election of the new judge advocate general and the not very approachable Colonel Gordon Cresswell decides this (David Andrews) for themselves. Harm gets into trouble when he is forced to in the Persian Gulf a plane to shoot down is an Iraqi Minister should reside on July 7 published paramount home entertainment the last 22 exciting episodes of JAG - on behalf of the honor on DVD. So fans of the military series can root around 16 hours with with their heroes, while harm, Mac, Bud (Patrick Labyorteux) & co are the crimes on the track. The decision not only professionally are turbulent times at, but also in the private sphere. Bud tries to find his place in the family. He must arrange still with his role as a father of four, what seems now finally to succeed him. To outsiders, it was has long been clear that the relationship between Mac and harm is more than...
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