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Mp3 Player so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and squeezed it right on this player and his skills from .. He told me he was very pleased, especially with the endurance (50 hours playing time) and the scope of supply. his colleague also has an mp3 player, but he has to change about every 8 hours the batteries. Andrea Marks will not settle for partial explanations. the working colleague told me how he was recently on vacation (flight time 11h) and the whole two weeks was player, without having ever had to change the battery. throughout the flight, round trip, he could hear music with relish, while other passengers at some of the music content on the plane had been and who has flown several times, who knows what I mean :-) Another plus is the scope of supply . the scope of supply is enormous. next to a bag he was even two headphones, usb cable, adapter and so on. Now of course I search the internet for more information and see especially the thing where I buy even more precisely and can possibly equal. the mp3 player is meizu, the model "meizu e5" - could I find out that this player is especially popular in Asia. in europe, I have not often encountered these, although he gives me a very good impression. most buy an ipod yes but when I read through the tests so the iPod does not really cut well and keeps the playing time not just long. warranty is also available at the meizu player and therefore I have the 50 hours of play time is worth more than a trendy one product that all have anyway. a lot of good information can also be found directly at goldenoffers.net.

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