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Flexible Fitness Training The best exercise equipment for home Unterschleissheim, October, 2009 at life fitness, everyone will find his favorite exercise equipment for home. For even more opinions, read materials from Kenneth R. Contact information is here: Jorge Perez. Feinberg. The manufacturer of premium fitness equipment offers an extensive product range not only for the professional fitness studio, but also for varied training at home. Including treadmills, cross trainers, bicycle Ergometer and training gyms. So that you and your readers immediately know the highlights, we have put together the top seller. Treadmills T7. 0 - the top model among the treadmills that send Treadmill T7. 0 by life fitness offers varied training options with personalized and individual program variations, monitoring and storage mode to evaluate the training sessions also allows numerous running gentle settings and an adjustable shock absorption system, the joint. 5.395 euro F3 - the treadmill as a space saver no place for a private Fitness Studio? That excuse is now passe! The F3 treadmill by Life fitness is folded in seconds, child lock locked and easy to roll away. 3.395 euro with basic console or 3.795 euro with advanced console. Cross Trainer X 7 high end cross trainer for several users of the versatile Crosstrainer X 7 is ideally suited for multiple users, because through the electronic adjustment of step length each user finds the right stride at lightning speed. With numerous customization and Trainingssteuerungs methods. The ellipse drive allows a natural, gentle joint movement. 4,995 euro with basic console or 5.495 euro with advanced console. X 1 of the Cross Trainer for discerning beginners of the Crosstrainer X 1 by life fitness training the whole body with effective training programs. Joint-friendly elliptical drive (s X 7). 1,995 euro with basic console or 2295 euros with advanced console. Bicycle Ergometer...

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