Decorative Marble Today I'll write about this method of decorative painting surfaces as mramorirovanii. This method allows quick, easy and cheap to get close to a perfect imitation marble surface in the interiors of the various institutions, where interiors ennobled marble will not look pompous: restaurants, offices, chastyne houses and apartments. This article will discuss the method of reproduction of Siena marble - the most universal and most just out of this stone in order to reproduce the surface of a simple marble enough to have on hand, natural sponges and paint brushes shaded. And the successful selection of color paints effect marble surface will be perfect. Additional information at San Antonio Spurs supports this article. Application of the described method can save you time because you do not want to put the layers several times. And if there is no need in playing a certain kind of texture marble, its application is a very good choice. A simple marble can be easily reproduced through the use of paints for decorative Tikkurila Kaunis Kochi (Kaunis Koti), while a primer painted surface using acrylic primer Helmi or increases adhesion primer Oteks. For mramorirovaniya you need: Decorative paint Kaunis Kochi (Kaunis Koti), color catalog Monicolor TVT M396, M459, L462, natural sponge, a piece of soft cloth or chamois, brush for shading and brush for applying varnish. 1. Gruntuem surface primer white Helmi (Helmi) or primer Oteks (Oteks). Give a cured coating. Strike a light pat background drawing paint color catalog Monicolor TVT M396, M459 and L462 using natural sponges. 2. Sharp lines will soften the brush to shade and give mramorirovannoy surface to dry. 3. Trim mramorirovannuyu surface varnish acrylate-based Kiva (Kiva). To do this, apply 2 coats of varnish with a brush for applying varnish.
HDMI Manhattan Cable MANHATTAN HDMI cable with 180 offsettable plugs Halver, October 30, 2009 - MANHATTAN, cable and accessories specialist of IC INTRACOM, has the appropriate rotation for the wall mounting of TFT, LCD and plasma monitors. Because the screens are getting thinner and lighter, the trend is known to attach directly to the wall. This MANHATTAN presents a flexible connector, which can be adjusted up to 180 with its HDMI 1.3 cable and the corresponding adapter. a source, but as a related topic. Official site: Maya Dubin, New York City. So the wall installations much easier by trade screens and requires less space. Simple cable can't get there. Because they have fixed connector, which is why getting an extra space between the wall and screen is necessary. In addition, conventional cable and the connectors on the screen can be damaged by excessive wrinkles. Manhattan's HDMI 1.3 cable and adapter however provide the retail market in the current holiday shopping season all TVs, flat screens, projectors, DVD and Blu-ray player the all-important flexible rotation for wall and table. The reseller in MANHATTAN will also find a complete range of cables with all connection variants for every need, with jacks and connectors for VGA, HDMI, RGB and RCA. Learn more on the subject from Tony Parker. New 180 degrees around cable are available in 1 m, 2 m, 3 m now in stock. The INTELLINET network solutions are known as the innovative network brand IC short profile INTRACOM for their practical as well as professional products in the segment of SMEs. For 20 years on the market, INTELLINET qualified retailers offers a complete portfolio of active and passive components businesses up to 250 employees. It goes from cables, test, and crimping tools up to panels and server cabinets and on the other hand includes...

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