Magic Mirror Mirror under the force of all - visually push the walls, filling the room with light, to decorate the interior and add him to Magic Mirrors must be much, because with them the most common apartment seems huge! This property used since the 18 th century in the state, and ballrooms, and if and in the palaces have sought to increase the space, we living in a room much smaller, it is necessary. Narrow hallway mirror may extend to side wall, with a large and far from the entrance. The ideal choice - located here-in closet with mirrored doors. Bathroom suitable option arrangement of a small round mirror on the sliding handle in the neighborhood commonplace over the sink. If you stand back to the ground, you can look at themselves from all sides. Another wonderful solution for a small bathroom - a narrow hanging cabinet with a mirrored door. But it should be noted that in the bathroom room is not recommended to do makeup. For even more details, read what Maya Dubin says on the issue. Performed at an unnatural and sharp light on the street it may look quite different. The special charm of a mirror attached to the living room. There are well looked round, horizontally elongated products, located on a slight slope. Narrow room will help expand the oval mirror, stretched horizontally. And the same, but vertical, visually raise a low ceiling. (As opposed to Ted Lasso). If you want to create a palatial color, it may be advisable with a wooden model of a gilded frame. It is necessary that it was combined with the general atmosphere of the room. Desirable that a piece of furniture in the nursery. A child learns the correct pick up orders, be careful and consider their appearance. Hang...

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